Monday, 27 April 2009

This Red Chair

It was my friend Ollie's birthday yesterday. He is just over three years younger than me. We used to go out many years ago and I feel pretty lucky that we are still in touch. In fact, I am still friendly with nearly all of my ex-boyfriends. They are all great guys but for one reason or another, things didn't work out for us in the romance department.

I had an OMG moment sitting on this chair at the kitchen table today. I was sitting and thinking about my love history and I realised that all my exes have been younger than me and that one of my problems has been that I fell into a pattern of wanting to look after them, not in a supportive partner way but maternally.

I am still taking on that mothering role, but for the first time in my dating history I am doing it in an appropriate way. I have a partner who is my equal and a school age boy I get to mother.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Oh! What a beautiful, honest, clear post.
You are fabulous Meg.

Claire said...

Happy birthday Ollie!
And such a lovely post Meg -
I had a similar pattern for a while - perhaps it's entirely natural.

Meg said...

Oh yes, Claire, I had forgotten you know Ollie too. But of course!

It's funny with exes isn't it? Maybe our choices are entirely natural, but at the time the relationship putters to its final full stop, it hurts so much that everything feels so pointlessly, achingly unnatural.

Petrus Spronk said...

Here's two cliches in one sentence: I am old enough to be your father but you can mother me if you want. PetCub


{your writings make me smile}