Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Tea Party

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farmdoc said...

I think today may be the end of the week of tea-related posts. I've thoroughly enjoyed, and been enchanted by, this week-long tea party. And I eagerly look forward to LOM's next theme-based series of posts. xx

Umatji said...

Meg, thanks for looking by my blog. It is odd to say that two days ago I went for a coffee at a great cafe near where I live and their exhibition was on tea bags! So I have enjoyed tea-ing this week online and in the world as well. To be honest however - I enjoyed your blog posts more than the exhibition and her price tags were a little amusing but there you go!

Lyssy May said...

Have loved your tea week. Especially pleased to read you converted from coffee! Having made the move to Melb I am feeling an increasing pressure to drink coffee and have been on 'weak skinny latte' training wheels but it just doesn't cut it like a good cuppa. Thanks for reassuring me Meg that I am not alone!


great! thanks for sharing!