Friday, 24 April 2009

For All the Tea in China

Some days I feel as though I have conquered mountains just lifting my bones from my office chair to go to the kitchen to put the kettle on. 

Oh the lengths we go to for a good cup of tea!

Photos are of the journey to the Hua Shan teahouse in central China.


farmdoc said...

Like Writerbee, I never refuse the offer of a cuppa. But the trek to the Hau Shan teahouse sure would test my resolve. Lucky I haven't got much hair, because that looks to be a hair-raising climb. And at the end of it a cuppa may not be enough. It may require resuscitation with a Diet Coke. At least! xx

Meg said...

Diet Coke?? I'd rather not be resuscitated!

Damien said...

thank you so much for leaving encouraging and clever comments on fingerpost.
i like your blog.

Lizzie said...

good grief, that first photo almost gave me a panic attack!

Glen said...

Hi Meg. Thanks for the tutorial. Um, yes. Here is a guy wot gets sweaty palms standing on a chair. I'll option the coffee thanks very much. Glad you liked the traveliin' vibes. Love