Friday, 3 April 2009

Growing Up With a Sister

From The Times:
Growing up with a sister makes people more balanced

Growing up with a sister makes people more optimistic, more ambitious and better balanced, psychologists have found.

A study of 571 families comprised of brothers, sisters, a mixture of both and only children found that having a sister in the home led to siblings of either sex scoring more highly on a range of standard tests for good mental health.

They were found to be better at coping with setbacks, more highly motivated, had more friends and a better social life than those who grew up with just brothers.
The rest here. 

(Thanks for the link, Becky!)

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wow! the article is so interesting to me. I have a sister and I'm so thankful for her! I believe that I wouldn't be "me" if i had no brother or sister.
your blog is cute, I read "about you" in your profile and I should say it's wonderful not to own a TV, not to buy plastic package stuffs and to ride o bike!!! I envy you! This is my dream to live in a place which is completely organic!
and thanks for visiting my blog! :)
have a nice day!