Saturday, 18 April 2009

Eyes Wide Shut*

I took this photo of PJ yesterday at ACCA. You can't see it from this angle but the face has been printed onto stainless steel that has then been laser cut and pulled out convexly. Apart from this piece, by Justine Khamara, it was a very disappointing show.

* I don't remember liking the Kubrik film especially, though I very much enjoyed reading the 1926 book the film was based on, Traumnovelle (Dream Story) by Arthur Schnitzler.

Legend has it that when Kubrik bought the film rights, he sent his peeps out across the lands to buy up all the copies of the Schnitzler book so that nobody would know the story.

I read it while I was travelling through India many years ago. I had bought it at a second hand bookshop. I was sitting reading it on a train one afternoon when a couple of tourists walked by me. When the guy saw what I was reading he told me the story of Kubrik buying up all the copies and begged me to post it to him when I had finished reading it, which I did.

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Alexi said...

What a great photo!