Wednesday, 8 April 2009


One of the things I like about not having a TV is that we can self-program what we watch. We download and borrow films and are regularly given discs by friends (thanks Jiga!) full of random goodies we watch on one of our laptops.

I like buying second-hand things for the same reason. Op shops, markets and garage sales – I love them all. I love browsing through people's discarded things because you never know what you're going to find, or what's going to find you.

I found these coffee and sugar containers at two different op shops, several years apart. Although my style is by no means neat and tidy with everything catalogued and in its correct place, I just couldn't resist buying these oil and vinegar bottles at a trash and treasure market recently, because they match the jars exactly.


ms. delisha said...

You are a study in Serendipity. I have always loved to see how things seem to find you...or you to find them without looking.

The way you do it, it's an art form.

Patagonia Mum with Baby said...

Very nice find. I love going to St Vincents and finding bits and pieces too.