Monday, 6 April 2009

The Get Go

Two of my nieces stayed over last night and are again tonight too. Just before bed this evening, Indigo asked me what my favourite part of the day was.

My answer felt like such a grown-up's answer. I didn't say the bushwalk or the two hours on a neighbour's trampoline, or the colourful drawings we delivered to all the mail boxes in a nearby street. I didn't say picking wild apples and grapes or watching Mary Poppins or going on the flying fox, or meeting some friends up at the skate park. I didn't say playing mums and dads (why do I always have to be the naughty cousin?), or eating corn and cucumber fresh from the garden, but I did say the quiet breath I inhaled before any of this.

When I got up this morning, it was to the two girls and Z sitting quietly in the living room. They were writing all the activities they wanted to do on little pieces of paper, which they then picked out of a hat and completed one by one throughout the day.

My answer felt so goddam diplomatic. And although it was true, it was also because I just couldn't decide.


farmdoc said...

I envy you the time with those three, LOM. Wonderful photograph, too. xx

Doily said...

Ahh! What a wonderful sounding day! I looove the idea of your neighbours recieving their cheerful mailthis morning. Who's brainwave was that?!

Petrus Spronk said...

with three young teachers you don't have to decide. This reminds me when I was teaching I maintained the view that everyone who entered my classroom was a teacher, including the students

Meg said...

That activity was my suggestion, Ms Doily. We used to do it with Z a couple of years ago and he loved it, though he could never understand why nobody wrote back. I thought he had outgrown it, but he loved it just as much as a 7 year-old.

On our way yesterday we saw a postman on his scooter delivering mail. The kids said that if he wanted, they were happy to deliver his mail too. I don't know who laughed more, them or him.

And you're right, Petrus, kids are such wonderful leaders by example.

emgib said...

you have such a wonderful grasp on living not existing meulm, such a pleasure to read this post. xx P still loving your art and graffiti you're amazing

WriterBee said...

You got TWO nights. That is so not fair!!