Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Food Forest

My cheesy tourist shot.
View from the 5th floor of the MCA.

As a result of the Artist as Family project we did in Newcastle, I am very excited to share the news that we have been invited to participate in the In the balance: art for a changing world show at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney from 19 August to 23 November 2010.

The project we have proposed is a community food forest. We will have a presence in the gallery, though our main body of work will be in a public park.

We have been to Sydney twice in the last month to meet with the MCA and the City of Sydney to discuss the details of our project and to agree on the right site for the work.

We have just updated our Artist as Family blog with our first post of the project. Do check in on us there from time to time to read about our progression. We will be listing the details of our workshops and working bees, so if you're in the Sydney region, please keep in touch and come and join us.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Things are changing in the Land of Meg. For the next three years, PJ will be a student again, undertaking research for his doctoral thesis in the areas of ecology and poetics. Part of his research is to document our family's transition from being oil dependent to as self-sufficient as we can be in terms of water, energy and food.

Here is the nerdy student this afternoon building some small raised vegie beds along our permaculture swale.

He is lucky enough to be on scholarship for the duration of his studies, which means he won't have to work and I'll have to work a lot less, which will give us both a lot more time to work on our individual projects and a lot more time to work on nothing, together.