Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Not Left Behind

This is a photo of our dear friend Jeff on the front cover of last week's local paper. 

When February's bushfires threatened our town, Jeff packed his car with all the books he is reading for his PhD. Everyone who evacuated because of the fires had a story to tell about what they decided to take and what they left behind.

Jeff and another friend, Alison, have organised Not Left Behind, an exhibition at the town hall of objects, stories, images and reflections of what people took with them when they fled.

PJ and I were among the first to drop off our goodies today, so we haven't yet seen what other people are contributing. After all his promoting and organising, Jeff won't get to see any of the show at all as he flew out this morning to spend the next three months with his darling Cath in Shanghai.

Bye Jeff!


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

well there is my reason to come visit the.... how absolutely wonderful !

Meg said...

Pls do, Eddy!

The show is May 1-6.


Lizzie said...

oh wow, i bet this is very powerful to see in person...