Friday, 13 November 2009

So Proud

First Mum's editor spoke, then one of her past lecturers from the professional writing and editing course she completed recently and then the author took centre stage. Here she is, my mum.

Nicola, Mum's editor started her speech by telling us about when Mum delivered the first draft of her book to the Scribe Publishing HQ. She gave Nicola the manuscript and a jar of her End of First Draft Blackberry Jam. 'Vivienne is the kind of person who gives you homemade jam,' she said. And she is. I just love that about you, Mum. You put your own touch on every single thing you do. Your book is just another way that you touch the world with your you-ness. And it is a really wonderful thing.

You make us all so proud.


JazyJae's said...

I'd be proud as punch too. This book is on my wish list. Alziemers is in our family and it scares me that it could be my mum or me one day.

My Love is..... said...

this post gave me goosebumps. what a beatiful way to introduce your mum.

ms. delisha said...

What a graceful woman, your Mum. And a gifted gifter.

You are lucky because you too are graceful - and gifted in your gifting. xx

Lizzie said...

she is so elegant, and manages to seem both confident and humble... you have so many reasons to be proud.