Friday, 27 November 2009

Got Milk

I woke early thinking about milk today. Perhaps because it looked like our neighbourhood had been dunked in a big glass of it. And perhaps because I had arranged to get some fresh milk today from a cow who's weaning her calf.

I had wanted to find the cow to thank her and snap a pic, but she couldn't be found in the fog. Here is H who looks after the cow, filling my bottle in her kitchen.

Over on PJ's blog, he has a discussion going about the ethics of food that has got me thinking a bit more about what we eat (and drink) and why.

We buy a litre of organic milk a week and I assume that that's good enough. But is it? It comes in a carton from Bendigo, 45 minutes (by car) away, which isn't so bad, although I'm sure a lot of energy is used in the production of that humble litre.

Did you know that due to health regulations it's illegal to buy and sell milk that hasn't been pasteurised? People get around the laws by selling it as 'bath milk'. I don't know the laws in other countries but in Australia, this is the case.

I put the bath milk in my tea today, and can happily say I look forward to meeting Elly the cow next week when I stop by for my litre.


Permapoesis said...

thanks for the plug
i'm enjoying the jug


Cath from chunkychooky said...

How wonderful!!

Leonie Guld said...

I grew up on a dairy farm. We never drank Pasteurized milk....If it is fresh and has been refrigerated, then you would think that it is better for you...wouldn't you? I wonder how much goodness is taken OUT by the pasteurization process? If we go back only just a few years, there was allot of people who milked the goat every day.....maybe we need to look at better options!

Umatji said...

I grew up with my big brother walking down the hill to the dairy each morning to get the milk - little did I know of the wonder then - now I realise it is such a privilidgge. We are lucky to get organic milk in a carton (that is the only sad bit) from not too far away in the hills. Good thought though and pJ's post is great.

T. said...

What a beautiful photo of your house.

I love the mist. It's like, if you are a little
short-sighted, looking into the eyes of someone at dawn and at very close range, everything looks softly different

How nice to have fresh milk