Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rednesday: History

Thank you to The Doily for this xcellent X, which I have been using as a home for my needles. I have started creating a sewing kit, and I love that your gift kicked it off.

Thank you to The Lark for the goodie showbag you gave me when I came to visit your shop. This button badge was my favourite thing of all. We are so lucky to live in this town, which may be one of the reasons I am OK about giving up air travel. If our lives here sucked, maybe we wouldn't be so ready to say no to going elsewhere??

I moved here because my older sister Kate and her family live here. It's Kate's birthday today. Hope you had a great day, Katchka!

My final thank you goes to you, PJ, for fixing my favourite ring again.

It breaks and I wonder why I don't just buy a new one. But I love how you fix it and present it to me anew each time. That it has a history of its own that I can wear.


beck said...

Lots to be thankful for and happy about in this post. And yes, what a great place to live! x

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Oh Miss meg, what a lovely rednesday post.
you make me want to move.

I am always told that to live in the country I need to learn how to drive a car, not own and run one but drive one..
I have travelled the world over and over and never driven, enough people drive, I have a bike, there are trains and buses, boats, planes and my feet.. always my feet. ( Blessed be the shoemakers)

.. I have often questioned, in the face of social adversity, some of the things I do, am I giving up before even starting? Couldn't i just try to fit in? but the more I think about how I do things in terms of the phrase 'environmentally,' it validates my decisions.
(In regard to your last post)
Giving up red meat -tick
Giving up supermarkets-tick
Giving up food w chemicals-tick
Choosing local produce-tick
Giving up new things-hmmm, I am writing on a new computer but my phone et al are second hand.

Carrying a basket, owning a balcony worm
farm, composting, recycling, buying things in glass
-its all about forming habits, creating new routines, I cant tell you in the store how many people say,
Oh my bags are in the car!!! but I cant castigate them every time for it, they could be at the supermarket shopping instead of with us.
We are surprisingly so slow moving in a Crazy fast paced world .

Not attending by not flying to exhibition as an environmental stand- brilliant,
Not flying when the flights are free-even better

but giving up flying all together,
I dont know if I could.

Being conscious of how I get about on the planet- tick. but is it enough, probably not.

You guys are inspiring, generous with how you open up your world and for that I praise the internet..perhaps once we would have met traveling somewhere or perhaps because of the travel we have done we met here, like this.
You are always a nomad Meg
just by the very way you think

Happy rednesday . X