Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rednesday: Say Cheese!

Our camera that has been holidaying at the repair centre in Newcastle has come home to us. Although we have been making do with our phone cameras, we welcome you back with much excitement, dear little camera.

Perhaps because we live in a house with very little storage space, I am a collector of photos of things, rather than the things themselves. But I'd say more so, it is because I am a writer, an observer, that I want to document the incidentals of my life.

I thought that not having my camera for a while might be good for me; that it would force me to be more inside my words and rely less on the images. And maybe it did do that, but I didn't like it.


Glen Dunn said...

Ha HA! That's such a sweet image Meg! And following the story behind the image... to repair rather than replace... renders the image, the experience and the artifact richly. That which records the story now records a story of its own. i so wish the verification word for this reply-to-post be, 'palimpsest'. Love.

farmdoc said...

I too am pleased your camera's come home, LOM. By the way, is the photo in the post taken with the camera in the photo? xxx

Meg said...

No, it's not, Farmdoc. I took it with my webcam. xx

m.e (Cathie) said...

love the pic!
oh, i know how relieved you must be. i document everything aswell.
will put together a shortbread recipe soonish, the heat has got the better of me so have been avoiding the oven!

gerry said...

PHEW. I'm so glad little red made it home. she must have been lonely holed up there amidst the dust of hunter street. Although I have been whistling past her most days now on my new and ultra speedy purple pony. The bike that is now my very best friend. I poke my tongue out at my car as I whizz off to work each day. I even bought matching purple pumps to go with it. I had to as the occasion demanded it.
bestest to you three