Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Time Machine

Someone left this time machine near our house yesterday. I found it this morning as I headed into the bush for my walk. All day I have been thinking about it and what year I am going to visit.

Am I going to go back to before I was born so I can meet my father's father, whom I never met?

Am I going to go back to the night Z was born so I can peer through the window and see what his mum's experience was like?

Am I going to go back to the year my mum cut her finger with a chainsaw so I can call her to say be extra careful that day?

Will I go forward to the next time I see my sister Abby, because I miss her like crazy?

Will I go forward ten years to see what state the world is in?

Or will I stay right where I am, because I'm happy?


liza said...

You're work here is so beautiful and I will return often!


Meg, you write so beautifully magical. this post of you took me to another world of imagination... and to be frank... with a little bit of torture...

keep blogging!

WriterBee said...

I've been thinking about this post since I read it last night - it's so magical.
If I'm allowed to borrow the machine, I'd zoom back to tell my mother to get a decent doctor to deliver her baby, and then I'd whiz into the future to hold a copy of my book. Afterwards I'd return to the present for a cup of tea on the deck with Farmdoc.

daylesford organics said...

Looks a bit more high tech than the linen cupboard in Kooyong Road where we used to play magic eyes!