Sunday, 17 May 2009

PS. Plant Me Then Eat Me


daylesford organics said...

Display Purposes Only in a cup.

Meg said...

That was my first thought when I saw it too! But I think this is better because you get to eat something. xx


great! :)

( Meg, my final project for university is about environmental issues, or "green advertising" I can call it. what's your idea? do you have any extra information for me? I will appreciate! )

keep blogging!


daylesford organics said... are basic human needs.

Meg said...

Hey Shokoofeh,

I wish this was my idea!

I found the plants in Melbourne. Each one had an instruction to take it home and plant it, which I did. When it's a little bigger I shall pick the leaves and make a salad.

If you and Farshad lived nearby I would invite you over to share it. xx


oh thanks darling! :) it would be great! :)

I've found you a very green person. and it's so interesting for me to know more about your green life or maybe green life in Australia. I don't know if you have time or at least interested... but if it's so... let me know! :)


WriterBee said...

It is such a great idea, but several days later there were still four left. Doesn't anyone want something for nothing these days?
Love the photo essay. Can't wait for the picture of the salad you'll make.

Meg said...

Another great plantable idea.