Friday, 29 May 2009

One Whole Year

Exactly a year ago when I started this blog, the first words I wrote were: "A few weeks ago I was employed to write a series of short bios of a dozen mid-century furniture designers." 

The woman who contracted me to write the bios for her website was a furniture manufacturer who gave me this couch in lieu of payment. We had not long before moved into our new house, so we were rapt with the trade – content for comfort.

A few years before, the Australian Federal police paid PJ a visit to question him about an artwork he had made, which they considered to be seditious. When our new couch arrived, he laughed that when the feds came to question him again, they would see this plush couch and walk away because there's no way an anarchist would own such a bourgeois couch.

This couch has changed the way we live. Its size means that the three of us can lie comfortably on it together, which we often do of an evening reading books.

"Welcome along on my experiment," is how I ended my very first post last year. 12 months on and I still feel as though I am experimenting, just with a bit more practice.

Thanks so much for your company.

Here's to another year together.


Claire said...

Happy 1 year Meg. Your blog has made my blogsphere a brighter place.


Hey! Happy first year!!! :)
we are so happy to have you!


Doctor Plog said...

Mazel Tov Meg! I'll never understand how you manage to be so present and inspiring on a daily basis (And thanks for dragging some of us kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.)

ms. delisha said...

Happy one year anniversary to Meg and Land of Meg!

Meg, you bring so much light to the world, I feel blessed to bask in it.

LOM, you, as an entity are the vehicle by which I get to go on discovery walks with my good friend, Meg. It is something I have missed (so!) since our paths diverged. Thank you for the joy of those lunchtime and latte walks, surrounded by the joyful carnival of life that follows beautiful Meg everywhere. Now available from the convenience of my work and home. Someone should really make an infomercial.


liza said...

I'm glad you're here, Meg. Yes - here's to another year!

Lizzie said...

happy blog birthday, meg!
xo lizzie

Another Outspoken Female said...

Happy birthday, though just sorry it took me almost a year to find you :)

ps: love the couch but am glad no Feds have parked their bums on it, far to good for them!

Lark said...

Happy Blogthday Meg!


The Garden of Self Defence said...

mazel tov on your first, my gorgeous. and, what a year!

Meg said...

Thank you so much everybody for your kind words of support. Your comments prove that the best thing about the blogosphere, hands down, is the community. xx

Klaimco said...


what do those red pieces above your great couch say?

thanks in advance.

*dumpster funk tropicana.


Meg said...

Stay tuned, Klaimco.