Tuesday, 5 May 2009

16 Stitches

For the squeamish amongst you, I had you in mind when I selected this photo. The others I took showed in far greater detail just how far the chainsaw had chewed into PJ's leg.

I got the call yesterday morning. "Don't worry, everything's fine, but will you jump on your bike and meet me at the hospital as soon as you can? I've cut my leg with the chainsaw."

His voice was calm as he spoke. The only part that worried me was that he had said, "Don't worry," and "Everything's fine."

I felt fine as I got dressed and left the house but my legs were all wobbles as I pedalled up the hill. And when I couldn't see the road for my tears I decided to get some help. I flagged down a ute and asked the driver to please take my bike and I to the hospital, which he kindly did.

It was a long day of two hospitals, a doctor's clinic, sixteen sutures and lots of reading in waiting rooms.

Now when I say that I love PJ inside and out you'll know I'm serious, as now I've seen his interior.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

P.J's stitches, if they are around the knee
are the same place my scars are from a car accident! Which is what I intend to sew into the skin, all my scars.........
bit too in sync

Get better P.J, how awful for you. Take lots a vitamin E, C and colliodal silver.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, It makes me happy that the person in the ute stopped and gave you a lift.

Hope you are both doing okay now

Meg said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, emails and calls everyone. The patient is doing fine, resting with his leg up, reading and drinking a beer. xx


oh so sad! I hope he gets fine soon!
and don't worry dear. he has a very lovely woman to take care of him with love and passion! right?! :)


Alexi said...

Look after yourself, PJ!

Lizzie said...

oh my goodness, what an ordeal! i'm glad he's doing better now...