Sunday, 24 May 2009

Adrian's Garden

Adrian lives in the street next to ours. He has two sons who have grown up. He has a trampoline that he says we can play on any time.

While Z and his friend Kit jumped, I walked around the beautiful garden

where I took this photo of my Yayoi Kusama shoes and

where I found this seed pod. It looks like a rusty metal screw, don't you think?


WriterBee said...

What a gorgeous place. How generous of him to share it with you. And how lovely for him, now his own have grown up, to hear the sound of children enjoying themselves in his garden once more.


hey look at those cute shoes and socks!
I'm sure you had a great day walking around this beautiful garden.


Tracelemental said...

love yr blog meg :) it flows so joyously

Catherine said...

Wow that garden is amazing, I'd love a walk like that. Plus I love your shoes, they are so cute!

Michelle said...

The seed pod is from a gum tree. I see them everyday on my own morning walk. I collect them and put them in bowls. Sometimes, they even have a patina looking finish.

Alexi said...

You are very lucky to be you.

ms. delisha said...

I love the way that sometimes man mimics nature so well, perhaps whoever came up with phillips head screws was prone to bushwalking.

Incidentally, C is reading Travels with Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski

(have you read his work? isn't he just amazing? As C has said to me, "such muscular but simple prose.") There is a passage about the Great Wall of China as a metaphor. It was delicious. I wished that C and PJ and you and me could have read that passage last night over a couple of bottles of white wine in the humid Kentucky night and waxed philosophical. I would love to get your take on it.