Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Axis Mundi

I had a meeting in Melbourne on Monday morning and then spent the afternoon with my mum for a belated Mother's Day celebration. We started off by walking up to Craft Victoria, where my friend Tash is having an exhibition of her work.

I took an entire memory card of photos, but not a single one does the show justice. The work feels other-worldly but my photos all came out flat. The porcelain, the scrolled paper, the poetic codes, the charted maps and the shadows created by the towers. How do I capture both the scale and detail? The boldness of the ethereal?

In her artist statement, Tash says:
Ultimately, Babel evokes a spiral passage both outward and inward. To unravel the scrolls initiates a return to the spine – the axis mundi, the source of a universal native tongue – love.
And here, the axis mundi of another world, a Mother's Day gift from PJ, Z and I, left in the bush for Mother Nature.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

You know I sadly never got to see that exhibition in Daylesford but today am off to see this one.....

one little acorn said...

I love your gift to mother nature. So peaceful.

Imagine stumbling across this in the bush! What a surprise! Very cool.

ms. delisha said...

Happy Belated Mum's Day, MuMeg.
What a gift Z has in you.

What a gift your soul is to the planet!

Tam said...

Love your mother nature gifts xxx

Meg said...

There's a really great review of Tash's show here.