Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Seeing Stars

I had the star on my left leg done first. It was a gift from my friend Gil for my 29th birthday. I bought the one on the right for myself, which I had done the same afternoon. After all these years, I am happy to say that I still love their symmetry, colour and positioning.

Unfortunately, this 18 year-old Belgian woman is not as happy with her stars. According to an article in today's paper, she fell asleep while getting three small stars tattooed on her face and woke up with 56. Oops!


daylesford organics said...

I wonder which three she originally wanted and if she is happy with them.

Anonymous said...


Another Outspoken Female said...

Some days I think I've had a compassion by-pass. When I read this story in The Age yesterday I laughed.

She fell asleep during the tattoo session? It's hardly a painless procedure. What was she on?

You're stars, on the other hand, are truly stellar :)

Meg said...

Now the woman admits she lied about falling asleep.