Friday, 12 June 2009

A Farm for the Future

Last night PJ and I went to a gathering organised by the Hepburn Relocalisation Network where we watched a fantastic film called A Farm for the Future.

The film is about wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking's investigation into how to operate her family's farm in the UK without using fossil fuels.

She attends a soil conference, she talks to a guy from the Post Carbon Institute, she visits permaculturalists and forest gardeners and other farmers who are making the change from big tractors and monocultural crops to gardens teeming with life and biodiversity.

Inspiring stuff!

I recently read that the UK is undergoing a gardening revolution, which makes complete sense. Because if this is your average modern industrial farm, of course more and more people are going to opt to grow plots of food for themselves and their families in their backyards. Monocultural paddocks such as this are completely oil dependent and therefore completely obsolete as a future model.


WriterBee said...

Does she find a way to farm in a more environmentally friendly way? I'm also interested in how big her family farm is. I guess I'll just have to try to see the film for myself. It sounds really interesting. Thanks for blogging it.

Meg said...

Great article in today's Age about edible gardening in Melbourne.