Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Comparing Junes

We've had our solar panels since the end of last year. It's always exciting to receive a power bill to see how little electricity we are using compared to the same period last year. I'm not sure if you can read the words of my blurry photo, but the columns on the far left and far right are for the same quarter, one year apart.

We bought our panels through the solar neighbourhood scheme, where 50 local families all signed up to buy their panels so the supplier could buy them in bulk. This helped bring the cost right down, but what made it truly affordable was the Federal Government's Solar Rebate scheme, which has just been axed and replaced by the less than encouraging Solar Credits scheme.

Under this new scheme, we would only have received half the amount of money back as we did, which would have meant we were not able to afford our panels. So while the government is congratulating itself on the popularity of its solar rebate program, it is sabotaging the success of any future schemes by making it harder for everyday folk like us who just want to do their bit.


farmdoc said...

First, the photograph's not blurry.
Second, the difference between the two Junes is amazing.
Third, the government's allegiance is to the coal industry and other big polluters.
Fourth - you are far from 'everyday folk'. I am proud to be your dad. xxx

Petrus Spronk said...

Hey Meg, I am at the present moment also involved in a solar scheme (hepburn4) and expect my panels to be placed onto the roof pretty soon and then will also be able to compare. I do not expect a bill at all, but credits instead since I already use very little electricity, living on myown and being aware in my use

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