Monday, 1 June 2009

Library Lovin'

I love our local library and here are the top ten reasons why:
  1. Free books and DVDs to borrow.
  2. Lovely, helpful librarians.
  3. Easy to use online database.
  4. Free text messages when the books I order come in.
  5. Access to 16 other regional libraries.
  6. PJ's Poemscape: A Physical Anthology.
  7. It's in easy biking distance from home.
  8. Free Internet for those who need it.
  9. A great community notice-board.


Lark said...

I once used to frequent a library that had a big noticeboard behind the desk covered with people's lost photos that they had found inside books being returned. It was fascinating.

Meg said...

That photo board is a lovely idea. It's like an offline tumblog.