Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Rednesday: Truck



what is it carrying?! I love your Rednesdays. :)
and you're welcome dear. it was really interesting for me that your father has a blog.

have a happy day!

farmdoc said...

I think that truck's going nowhere, LOM. For I can't imagine you parting with anything red - even smashed up bits of plastic. xx

Meg said...

Sad but true, Farmdoc. When I was going around our house deciding what to take when we evacuated the bushfires, I had to seriously ask myself if could part with all my found and reclaimed bits of red waste.

And Shokeefeh, the truck is carrying bits of broken car tail-lights that I have collected from the sides of many roads. xx

ms. delisha said...

Reading terrible, terrible education theories and feeling thankful for your insertion of art into my inane RedWed xxt