Sunday, 17 August 2008


I am sore today, from shovelling shit at a nearby horse ranch for our compost, not from dancing last night.

Up here in these wintry hills, there has to be a damn good reason to go out, even on a Saturday night. Last night we had one: TZU playing nearby. We also had: a lesson in expectation.

It was raining but we left our jackets in the car, ordered drinks and chatted with the other locals who had left their cosy homes - we were all cocked, busting to dance.

The support act was good, but we wanted to pace ourselves.

TZU took to the stage and the dancefloor swarmed with locals shaking dust from their winter crooks, but for us, the music didn't get to where it needed to go. We left before they finished the set. 

My ears were ringing, but sleep found me, an easy target.

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