Monday, 25 August 2008

Internal Anatomies

After my dog attack fiasco, Ian and Vivienne kindly brought me a gift of half a dozen perfectly ripe tamarilloes. I have had tamarilloes before, but still I was struck by the beauty of their internal anatomy.

When I open things to discover their insides, I inevitably think of an article I kept from the March 2000 New Yorker about The Simpsons' writer George Meyer. From the profile, called "Taking Humor Seriously," comes this:
He remembers being particularly struck by a parody of "Dennis the Menace." He told me, "It was a cartoon that showed Dennis coming into the house holding a skull, and the caption was something like 'Hey, Mom, look what I found in Mr. Wilson's head.' That absolutely put me away. The next day, my stomach muscles hurt from laughing. I felt like I'd been worked over by bullies."

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farmdoc said...

Another wonderful post, LOM, and another wonderful photograph. Keep 'em comin'. xx