Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Advocate Letter Project

When I first moved up here from the city I began The Advocate Letter Project, as a way to get to know, and participate in my new community.

Every week I read our local paper, The Advocate, from cover to cover and I send somebody I read about a handwritten letter.

Each letter is a tap on the shoulder of another human being. A small nod of recognition.

One week I wrote a letter to a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, the next, to the winner of a jam making competition. Two weeks ago I wrote to a woman named Joy who was being celebrated as an integral member of the nearby township of Clunes.

I feel like I'm outing myself here, as I don't write any details about myself in the letters, I just sign off from Meg. Revealing who I am doesn't really seem the point.


farmdoc said...

You are simply amazing, Meg; quite simply a wonderful and special human being. I was quite stunned and overwhelmed by this blog post. Indeed I still am. What a beautiful thing to have written, and to be writing, to these people in your community. I am proud to be your friend (not to mention your dad too). xx

Tricia said...

indeed. a bright light of a soul, you are, in all your Megness.