Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Art Attack

After being preoccupied with my bum all day yesterday, it felt good to be thinking outside myself today. I volunteered at the local primary school for their annual Art Attack day, where the kids spend the whole day participating in creative activities. And where a few of us lucky parents went to help.

I'm probably not ready to blog about the day just yet, because I'm not sure how to articulate why I had such a great day. It has something to do with a safe, nurturing day after the dog attack yesterday, and also to do with spending a day alongside Z, as he learned and laughed and interacted with his peers. I loved seeing him so happy, especially after his experience at his old school. 

My niece Indigo and Z
It's funny, I'm 34 but I still feel more like a student than a teacher, which is why I was surprised when I was invited into the staff-room at recess and lunchtime. They had catered for the teachers and helping parents, and I was appalled at the poor quality of the food, but inspired by something else: in the middle of all the staff-room tables were half finished knitting projects, laminated instructions and notes inviting people who wouldn't normally take part in such an activity, to please feel free to join in.

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WriterBee said...

Maybe the best teachers all feel they're still students, and that's what makes them so successful. I learn so much from your blog every day, blogger Meg