Saturday, 9 August 2008

Critical Animals

At the beginning of October, PJ and I and our wonderful friend O are heading up to Newcastle for This is Not Art. We have just booked our flights and I am very excited. 

One component of the festival is Critical Animals, a creative research symposium where we three Victorians will be presenting papers - PJ's is about how the corporatised State abuses our landbase, O is presenting a series of poems on the correlation between suffering and joy in the everyday, and mine is a paper on gender ethics and violence on YouTube. 

Our panel is called Pathologies of Civilisation, and for anyone who's going to be in that neck of the woods on Thursday, 2nd of October, come on down to the Hunter Room, Newcastle City Hall at 11.30am.

Yesterday the event organisers sent through this image for participants to include on their, "website, blog, myspace, facebook, email signature, t-shirt, full-sleeve tatt, etc, etc."

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