Saturday, 8 August 2009

In Real Life

When I sat down to blog yesterday, I hadn't intended to write about Pookie and winter, I had wanted to write about the first time I read the book to Z. It was his bedtime and we were snuggled up together while I read him the story about all the woodland animals and Pookie the rabbit who told winter to go away and then come back again.

Even though I was brought up Jewish, I am OK that Z still believes in Santa. "But Santa goes over land to every house – reindeer can't fly!" He recently assured me.

The first time I read him the tale of Pookie, he asked me if the story happened in real life. It amazed me that Z is 7 and thought that a story about talking animals could be true. I guess if he straight out asked me if Santa is real, I would say no, but he has never asked me. Which is why I told him the truth when he asked me about Pookie and his friends.

As soon as I'd said no, I didn't regret it, though I did feel as though I had taken something pure and oh so lovely from him, that he'll never be able to have back.

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millie said...

My seven year old recently asked me if Santa really exists. I answered truthfully, "I believe he does."