Sunday, 2 August 2009

Equal Love

Yesterday was the National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage, which culminated in 150 couples getting illegally wed outside the Australian Labour Party National Conference in Sydney.

I am ashamed of the Australian government's policies on many issues, but I am especially regretful of its refusal to budge on its homophobic Christian stance on gay marriage and same sex civil unions.

Have you seen that video that's doing the rounds at the moment of the couple and their bridal party dancing down the aisle? It's oh so cheesy, but I must admit that I have clicked replay on it more than once. There's something really lovely and liberated about the way the bride dances down on her own; no man to give her away, she's doing it on her on terms. My one wish for that couple is my one wish for all couples: that their love and commitment to one another be mightier than all the statistics stacked against them, and more honourable than our policy makers are.


beck said...

It just amazes me that we are still living with these insane laws. It must have been a real mixture of happiness and sadness yesterday at the protest as couples experienced what should be their right. Lets hope it's not too much longer before things change.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg

I agree of course,
but one of the posters took my attention,
is marriage a 'right'?

I've been thinking about rights lately
it seems we make so many things into them.

Is 'marriage' really a 'right'??

Perhaps only when it is not permitted.

So when same-sex marriage is permitted it might cease to be one.

What do others think?


Meg said...

Ha ha ha!! The divorce entrance clip is funny, though nowhere near as good.

Kaylen said...

I like what you say here. Thank you.