Monday, 3 August 2009

Booba's Butterflies

We went to the cemetery yesterday where my grandmother's family and friends gathered to consecrate the headstone that has now been erected at her grave. It is a double one, with her details on one side and the other left blank for my grandfather. I asked him how this made him feel, seeing it there, waiting for him. He said, had he seen it 20 years ago it would have made him feel worried, but now when he looks at it he feels ready. He said he's not wanting to die, but he's ready to lie next to my grandmother for ever.

Our grandmother loved butterflies. They were her trademark; butterfly stickers on our birthday card envelopes and butterflies on the place-cards she used at big family functions so we'd all know where to sit.

You might already know this, but it's tradition to place a stone on a jewish grave, as it indicates longevity and doesn't wither, as flowers do. My sister Kate had the idea to give each of the great grand-children a white tile for them to paint a butterfly on to leave on the grave. Z was going to be at his mum's on the day of the painting, so he drew it a few days earlier and Kate copied it onto a tile. Kate, you did such a great job!

And so did your girls. Booba would would have loved them.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...


thats lovely.

Doctor Plog said...

Beautiful idea, Kate. xxx

daylesford organics said...

I think she would have loved them too.I was so pleased to leave a bit of colour behind for her. XX

ms. delisha said...


claudia said...

My Mother loved ladybirds, next time I visit her grave, I will paint a ladybird onto a stone and leave it there for her.

Anonymous said...

I am crying my eyes out. That is just so beautiful, Meg.

primo clutterbok said...

it's my berthday today


Primo Clutterbok