Friday, 21 August 2009

I Heart Michelle

OK, so the background of this story goes something like this: In December last year, on one of the blogs I read it said that if you leave your postal addresses as a comment, they would send you a love letter, no matter where in the world you live. And so I did.

A few weeks later my love letter arrived and I felt good about it for weeks. And then a few months later another love letter arrived and I felt just as great about that one too.

And now, a few months after the last one, another letter has arrived.

"Have a cup of tea and read an old dusty book that smells like the past," writes the sender, Michelle.

Who am I to argue??


Doily said...

Dearest Meg,
I saw your love letter on the internet and thought I would write you one as well. You have beautiful red hair which is good as red is my favourite colour too! Also I think you are fun, fantastic and fabulous!
love, love and more love,


hey it's fantastic!!!
Is that beautiful thing the envelop???


Meg said...

Why, thank you, Ms Doily! That is mighty, mighty sweet of you.

And yes, Shokoofeh, that beautiful thing is the envelope. I just love that little red robin.

My Love is..... said...

what an awesome idea!!