Monday, 10 August 2009


This is one of the postcards on PostSecret this week.

I was eleven years old when Ghostbusters first came out in Australia. It was one of the first movies I can remember reading about and counting down the days till its release.

I remember coming home from school camp to learn that my mum had taken my sisters to see it without me. I was devastated. She told me she enjoyed the film so much she was happy to see it again.

I remember sitting beside her in the theatre as the lights were going down, my legs sweaty on the big vinyl seat. I was so overwhelmingly excited, I can still remember what I was thinking:

I. Am. Just. About. To. See. Ghostbusters.

I still have those enormous rushes of excitement. They have nothing to do with the film, but precede occasions that I am looking forward to enormously. My Ghostbuster moments.


Umatji said...

Great post - and a great blog find - I loved looking through it. Made me wonder what I would write. Still wondering...

Leanne said...

My favourite sort of Ghostbuster moment used to be the rushed journey to a new lover's house. But now I fear I'm so old and cynical I never quite reach the same level of anticipation!

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

I love the after the Ghostbusters moment
when you leave the cinema
and then remember the before Ghostbusters moment and the during Ghostbusters moment and they all roll into one
and you just cant stop smiling to yourself but also to everyone around you
and you walk home in the dark more often than not,
and everything is like you are actually in the movie
but its your life and its real, and you kind of have a crush on your life.

..... or is that actually what happens to me when I see Bill Murray ..? Oh i dont know, but Love Ghostbusters, love it.