Saturday, 3 January 2009

Without the Rind

Several months ago, I wrote about World Dividers; how the world can be divided into two categories, those who do certain things and those who don't.

I was too quick to judge, it seems. 

Last week I had tea with someone I know very well. This is her iPod with the protective plastic still on the click wheel. When I saw it I was shocked. I always thought people who left the plastic on their electricals were scared of life, like old people who cover their couches with clear PVC.

But now I've changed my mind. This person I know is fierce in her approach to living.

Protective layers make me think of these lines from Nin Andrews's poem, Notes on the Orgasm:
The orgasm will peel you like an orange. You may feel exposed, raw, even wounded. The orgasm wants you to live life without the rind.


Anonymous said...

then why were you so quick to judge her? What does it say about your self? Are you naturally judgemental?

Alexis said...

I wish someone would describe me as fierce in my approach to living!