Monday, 12 January 2009

What I Would Do

For my sister A on her birthday:
  • Make breakfast for Z and his friend who stayed over.
  • Wash my hair.
  • Take Z to his swimming lesson.
  • Pick up the car with its four new tyres.
  • Catch a train to Melbourne.
  • Have a meeting about my next contract.
  • Kiss the birthday girl on both cheeks.
  • Eat party food in her honour.
  • Laugh with my nieces and mum and two of my sisters and play that game where you write a sentence and fold the page over, then write a word for the next person to start their sentence, then read it all out at the end. One of the sentences I wrote was about having to eat lunch before birthday cake. I was so full after my sandwiches though, that I had no more room for cake.
  • See a vampire movie.
  • Stand at the train station wishing I had taken a slice of birthday cake so I wouldn't have to buy a vending machine muesli bar.
  • Sit next to a man reading a book about how to stop smoking, while I think about sisters and aging and travel and making homes, while I make my way home on the train.

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bL said...

Hi m

“that game...”
played by the surrealists
Is known as exquisite corpse
- there's a page at Wikipedia: