Friday, 30 January 2009

T-Shirt Giveaway

In 2005 I took part in the Melbourne Fringe Festival with a project called Display Purposes Only. It involved hundreds of hand printed t-shirts distributed in 13 international cities. Each t-shirt had a card attached asking that the finder register their t-shirt online by uploading a photo of it and answering a series of questions.

Would you like one of these t-shirts?

Please leave as a comment your name and email address or some way of contacting you and in a week's time, I will let you know if my random number generator has singled you out.

The Fine Print:
In the spirit of the original project, I ask that the lucky recipient emails me a photo of their t-shirt (with or without them in it) as well as answers to the questions initially asked of the t-shirt finders, so that I may blog them here.


Anonymous said...

i'd love one. love yr blog btw


(i'll supply deets if i win)

Ana said...

Fun project. :)

Stephanie Doust said...

Yes, please! Thanks for the redness!