Sunday, 18 January 2009

Birthday, Deathday

My grandmother died yesterday and today I turn 35.

I am having people over at 10 for a morning of pancakes and moustaches, then this afternoon we will bury my Booba.

A few people have remarked how bad I must be feeling to have my grandmother's funeral on my birthday, but really I couldn't be more pleased. It means I get to see all my family and it means I will have her close to me.

If a birthday is a celebration of a life, then it feels appropriate that my day includes a celebration of my Booba's life too; her influence over me was a like a spell.

She lived her whole life for other people – she was a woman of her generation. But this afternoon will be just for her. We will honour her, cherish and remember and salute her and hold close all the memories of her that are our favourites.

I have a lifetime's worth.


Claire said...

Happy birthday Meg - and I am sorry to read about your Grandma. I hope you have a special day and that there is love-a-plenty. xx

Barry said...

meg happy birthday, your blog brought tears to my eyers, your booba was a special lady
wishing you a long life
baz & vic