Sunday, 4 January 2009

Nice One

Once there was a really nice girl. She was really nice. She lived in a nice house surrounded by a nice garden in a nice neighbourhood. She met a really nice guy and they got married and had a wedding list so all their nice guests could give them all the nice things they wanted.

They went on their honeymoon to the beach where they spent most of their days reading books about nice things. At night they ate nice food in the resort restaurant. They befriended the waitress who was really nice. She reminded them of the woman who arranged the flowers for their wedding. She was really nice too.

The couple came home and went back to work the next day. They made extra big dinners so they could take the leftovers to work for lunch in Tupperware containers. They worked hard five days a week and at night they reclined on their couch and watched TV. Their couch was nice. It wasn't new but it looked new. The colour matched the picture on the wall above really nicely.

On weekends they ate breakfast out at a nice little local café. Later when they would have kids, their kids would play with the café owners' kids and then later, the two families would car pool to and from school.

Their school was really nice. It had a big tree in the front yard. One day a bigger kid threw his shoe into it and fell out when he went to retrieve it. He broke a bone in his wrist and then the kids weren't allowed to climb the tree any more. All the parents thought that was a good idea.

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