Thursday, 1 January 2009

Here Comes Everybody

Thirteen years ago on NYE my nanna Jo-Jo died, three years ago on NYE PJ and I met at a party and on the subsequent two NYEs, we have taken part in the annual parade down the main street of our town. Here we are last night:

Sixteen years ago, the graphic designer Tibor Kalman erected a giant billboard on Forty-second Street in NYC. It was bright yellow and had the word EVERYBODY written on it. Even though it was at street level, it hung graffiti-free for its two year run.

Our lovely friend, Ian Robertson who took the above photos, suggested PJ make a sign saying HERE COMES as HERE COMES EVERYBODY is something John Cage used to say and both he and PJ are John Cage nuts. (Incidentally, Cage borrowed the saying from James Joyce in Finnegan's Wake.)

A fabulous night all up. Happy new year EVERYBODY!


WriterBee said...

Happy happy new year to you, too, LOM, filled with many more posts as interesting and beautiful as this one - and as you are xx

plumpes Denken said...

That's wild. Joyce to Cage to country Victoria via lines of friendship and enthusiasm. Cyclical aspects of FW makes perfect for NY. Lovely blog BTW -- Happy new year!

Petrus Spronk said...

I was a witness. The bestest, littlest, biggest, Float in this year's parade. Wonderful..

spender said...

That is Brilliant.
Very Jaques Tati.