Monday, 26 January 2009


We spent the afternoon down at the lake again today; swimming, reading, listening to the Hottest 100 playing on a nearby stereo.

Doesn't this look like heaven? I love that this is practically our backyard.

These three girls floated by on their cloud and I had to snap a photo.


Claire said...

Looks so amazing! Are they seriously lily pads with lily flowers? So you really live in a Monet painting?

Meg Ulman said...

Yes and yes!

Last night Z asked if we could get a swimming pool as PJ and I both had pools in our backyards growing up.

Chlorinated hole in the ground vs lily pads and ducks in spring water 5 minutes away????

A no brainer, as they say.

farmdoc said...

Nicely composed pic, LOM. Monet with a digicam. xx

garden of self defence said...

And we did it all over again today.

A lake - one of the greatest of all public assets.