Monday, 27 October 2008

A Year of Perfect Days

My older sister K has three kids. My younger sister E is a musician who has released three CDs. In a trifecta of beautiful coincidences, the three albums were born at the same time as the babies.

My youngest niece has just celebrated her first birthday, which means it has been a year since the launch of E's most recent musical creation, A Year of Perfect Days. Isn't that a great title? The CD liner notes are set out like a calendar and there are 12 tracks, one for every month.

Just after the album was launched E was interviewed in dozens of papers and magazines. It was so exciting! I like what she told the interviewer of Beat Magazine:
The album is called A Year of Perfect Days, the songs are about a particular time or a particular moment in your life, and that gets captured in the melody and the rhythm and all of those things. It's not like they're all happy, uplifting numbers, it's just a collection of 12 songs that hopefully capture different moments, and they're perfect because they are what they are.
I often think about this definition of perfection. It's not about golden eggs or things turning out just so. That's not perfection, that's just good news. Perfection is when life happens; the good and the bad of it, the quiet and the vulgar. And you are there, alive and awake for all of it.


(text)ure and (me)aning said...

Wow the world just got smaller, a long long time ago T and I saw Emily at revolver in Prahan, at an open mike type night, I'm thinking it was about 8 years ago, probably longer. She shone with her beautiful voice and woven story like lyrics, and we were quietly blown away, and have been fans ever lovely to read this post

.::still blinking::. said...

How do you not buy things that come packaged in plastic? I would really like to know as I have pondered on this and cannot seem to figure out how you would do it.

Meg Ulman said...

I shall write a mini 'How To' and blog it. Stay tuned..

Rom said...

How E and M nailed perfection xx