Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hair Horse

A quick shower before our early morning's flight.

I place my hair on the wall so as not to clog the drain.

The horse gallops on the tiles.

We fly.


WriterBee said...

the hair of the dog, the hair of the horse

emily b-sides said...

what's that?

bring the cow in, bring the cow out!

WriterBee said...

the hair of the horse, the hair of the cow

Tricia said...

I do that, too! I have a lot of hair, and it always looks like strange art to me.

I look at the random design I've created as if it were a fluffy cloud. Is it a face? A silhouette? A garden? Strange, maybe. But true.

Anonymous said...

Gross, but then, I do it, too :)
It's lovely lovely until you have to hold it OUTSIDE of the shower to throw it away.