Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brave Day, Tuesdays

I don't remember what difficult task started it. I was in high school at the time, so it was most likely about standing up to a friend. I brought it up with my mum who, in her wisdom came up with the idea of Brave Day, Tuesdays.

She suggested that whatever I found onerous or too hard, I should save up to do on Tuesdays. And then after a while I should do brave things on Wednesdays too, then Thursdays etc until I was being brave every day.

It's been over two decades since then and I still haven't made it the whole week. It appeals to me to have a single day a week to take off my glasses and put on my cape.

Monday is by its very nature a day of confrontations, but Tuesdays always seem to need a little nudge.


farmdoc said...

Roy, a Mole Creek neighbour of mine, SMSs a saying or quotation or proverb to a group of his friends, once each week. He's chosen to do it each Tuesday, I reckon for the same reason as you have Brave Day, Tuesdays, LOM. Sounds sensible to me. xx

Anja said...

Not a bad piece of advice for procrastinators like me... Got here via Loobylu and stayed :)