Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Public Concern

This is the first image that came up when I googled Private Public.

This morning I left later than usual for my walk and ran into two different parties of bush walkers in full Gore-Tex attire. At my usual hour it is just the native animals who spy me in my op shopped conglomeration of mismatched colours and layers.

I had my iPod and was in my own world as I listened to the latest This American Life podcast, so to see other human forms amongst the trees really punctured my sense of solitude.

The private made public.

Later in the morning over coffee I read the chapter of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine entitled, 'A Corporatist State,' in which she writes:
In some ways, however, the stories about corruption and revolving doors leave a false impression. They imply that there is still a clear line between the state and the [disaster capitalist] complex, when in fact the line disappeared long ago. The innovation of the Bush years lies not in how quickly politicians move from one world to another but in how many feel entitled to occupy both worlds simultaneously.
The public made private.

And then just now I read on (Text)ure and (me)aning about artist Sophie Calle's fascination with the interface between our public lives and our private selves.
Calle's followings, recordings and wanderings are her work.
She brings the public/private space to the gallery.
To the published page.
To the archive of the extraordinary ordinary.
The private made private made public.

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farmdoc said...

Yes. Look at the US government using public money to prop up the disaster that the greedy half-wit private-sector Wall Street loonies have inflicted on the public. And of course there's the subjugation of a public park in Melbourne by a privately run but publicly subsidised car race. The line between public and private is blurred indeed. This is a really important post, LOM, and I hope you'll write more in future about public/private merging - which I regard as reprehensible. xx