Monday, 20 October 2008

Double Fudge

Z's garage saleI guess that's what happens when you have older siblings – you inevitably get their hand me downs. In my case: toys, clothes, books and sometimes even boyfriends. 

I remember reading my older sister K's Judy Blume books. Are You There God? It's Me Margaret, Forever, Superfudge, Then Again, Maybe I Won't; I read and enjoyed them all with a dictionary on hand.

This morning on my walk I listened to a great podcasted interview with Blume, now 70. She was talking, among other things, about her writing process and her inspiration. One of her grandchildren loved Superfudge so much she decided to write Double Fudge 22 years later.

Yesterday we spent the morning with my parents who were visiting for a few days. My dad sat on the corner of our street with Z, who had an impromptu garage sale with some of his old toys as he has no younger siblings to hand them down to. (My dad blogged about it today. The above photo is taken from his post.)

I might not have been ready for Blume's books, but they spoke the right words to me at the right time. I might have thought I wasn't ready for a child, but my whole world has swollen to make room.


farmdoc said...

Very lucky Z. And very lucky LOM. xx

Meg Ulman said...

But I'm not lucky enough to have inherited his ability to sell!!