Tuesday, 21 October 2008


That's me on the left when I had short hair. I'm holding a dish of cookies, as drawn by Loobylu.

Today on her blog she has a competition for her readers. She is asking for people's favourite Internet recipes. Hers, she says, is for Princess Meg’s Birthday Celebration Cookies, which she blogged about just after she and I worked together.

My entry: 
Oh how things change in seven and a half years!

I used to love anything with dried apricots in them, but now I love anything with ginger.

This is currently my favourite recipe:

My stepson is 6 and is learning to read. We like to make this recipe together and use our alphabet cookie cutters to spell out our happiness we then eat.


farmdoc said...

Who's that guy at the computer? And does he have his eyes on LOM or the cookies?

Claire said...

The BEST thing about having posted that competition yesterday was discovering your blog Meg, and spending huge amounts of time last night reading your archives. xx

Claire said...

Farmdoc - I believe the guy on the computer was a kind of artistic combination of all the guys who worked in IT at wishlist at the time. And clearly either way he is very appreciative...