Monday, 28 July 2008

The Inside, Out

Like most 6 year-old boys, Z loves getting dirty. On weekends, it's not unusual for him to need more than a few baths each day. Sometimes he loves baths, sometimes he doesn't. What he always loves though, is when PJ or I sit in the bathroom with him to chat or play or read to him.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote out a few pages of words he doesn't yet know how to read, then we went around to his cousins' house to use their laminator to waterproof the sheets in plastic, so he can have them to practice with in the bath.

As we were leaving, my brother-in-law gave Z their broken baby monitor. Here is Z at our kitchen table, where he stood, engrossed for a couple of hours.


farmdoc said...

Love the photograph, LOM. Did Z re-assemble the gizmo after he'd dismantled it?

Meg said...

He put the outside back together, but without the innards. He has now started taking apart a video machine - a fantastic rainy day activity to focus energetic boys.