Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Compost Co-op

A few months ago we sat, as we like to do, by the fire at our favourite local café having our morning coffees.

And, as we also like to do, we steered the conversation with the lovely café owner around to the rich and glorious topic of compost.

When we left, we headed down the hill to the hardware, where we bought a small bucket that now lives in the café kitchen, for the food scraps and coffee grounds. When it's full, it gets tipped into this black bin that we collect, empty into our compost at home then bring back, in return for vegies.


farmdoc said...

It's unclear to me who gives the vegies - you to them to thank them for the great scraps, or them to you to thank you for putting the scraps to such great use. xx

farmdoc said...

I had another thought: Maybe the vegies are from them to you to thank you for taking such a great photograph of the scraps. Clear focus and lovely colours and composition. xx