Saturday, 5 July 2008


Because I grew up with three sisters and now live with two males, I often find myself wanting of female company.

A few months ago, PJ and I went round to visit our friend Mr O. His niece and a friend of hers were there dressed in grass skirts doing the hula. As soon as I saw the girls, I threw my shoes off and joined them, laughing and making up moves.

Which is how I came to be invited to teach a small group of 9 year-olds how to hula at a Hawaiian-themed birthday party this afternoon.

Of course these sorts of invitations come up everywhere, but they seem to happen more for me living in the country.

Although I declined payment, I left the party with several packages of organic soup, salad and cake, homemade by the birthday girl's father. 

I love living in a small community so much.

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